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Our company with a grand new vision is to provide better services to make conspicuous differences and competence in worldwide Insulation, Refractory and Scaffolding specialist. Our company is established in August 1977 under Law of the Republic of Indonesia. The company serve and have excellent experience in Nigeria, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Turkmenistan, Yemen, Asean Countries, Papua New Guinea and Major Project in Indonesia.

Our company is run by experienced proffesional to handle such job as LNG/LPG, Refinery Plant, Petrochemical Plant, Power Plant, Fertilizer Plant, Steel Mill Plant and other Industrial Plant.

We would be very happy to hear your interest in our company and looking forward to cooperate with you.

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Line of Business

Cold, Hot and Acoustic Insulation service

Almost all industries which needed thermal insulation work requires all equipment are operating within specified temperature range to obtain the safest, environmentally friendly and minimum energy loss (high efficiency).
We have the knowledge and experience to provide first class quality and performance of workmanship to obtain those objectives
We have extensive experience on providing services and material ranging from high temperature insulation to subzero (cryogenic) insulation.

Refractory lining service, castable work, gunning works, fireproofing works and other critical refractory works.

Any facilities operating under extremely high temperatures such as furnaces, kiln, cement preheater, stack, boilers and many others requires good work of installation of refractory lining materials facilities operating to prevent the structure from collapsing in case of fire.

We are committed to provide our services with highest quality and performance of workmanship conforming to international standard while also maintaining health, safety and environment.

Scaffolding service

We also provide tubular Scaffolding service with extensive experience in the industry. We follow International Standard such as Japan International Standard (JIS) or other International Standard on our scaffolding works. We are confident we can provide the best engineering design, estimation and planning to meet customer's needs, providing the best performance while also maintaining high quality and safety aspect.